Extra packaging options.

We offer a wide range of gift boxes and luxury packaging options to suit any style. Depending on your order quantity, you can choose to upgrade your experience to receive countless customization options. From custom colors and printed or unprinted gift wrapping to a special custom-order book.

From 120 pieces

Gift wrapping Three colours, printed and unprinted

From 1000 pieces

Gift wrapping Custom color, printed and unprinted

From 1500 pieces

Gift wrapping Custom order with book
Luxury packaging Customized box

Do you own a shop?

Display items can be ordered per piece in the colour of your choice.

Counter display Single
Counter display Box

About Custom Corkscrew

Custom Corkscrew takes care of your custom-made wine key. The corkscrews are produced in Italy and have been used worldwide for almost 30 years thanks to the Italian design, high quality and customization. Due to the choice of several models of wine keys, Murano, Rialto and Milano, the many available colors and packaging, there is always a suitable design for your company or event. Custom Corkscrew ensures that your request is handled quickly, tailor-made, adequately and service-oriented.

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